What is Weaver Literacy?

Weaver Literacy is about teaching all students and all students learning from your teaching through the use of children’s literature.  So if your students are not learning as well as you had hoped or you want to use literature, then take a look at Weaver Literacy.  

Here is focus of Weaver Literacy:

1. Lesson Plans that fit all students thinking styles.

2. Lesson Plans that fit various skill levels of students.

3. Lesson Plans that match students’ reading abilities.

4. Lesson Plans that use children’s literature.

Check out how to find out the thinking styles of your students, the skill levels, and reading abilities with ease.  

Want to use real literature and books with your students but can’t seem to make it work?  Check out the Weaver Literacy Close Reading/Writing Guides format.  It’s easy to plan lessons and using books always enhances your lessons.

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