Comprehension is like making bread.  As teachers we understand that instructing student in comprehension can be difficult and confusing depending on what we use for instruction.  In reviewing the literature on comprehension, one can think of comprehension like bread making.

First for making bread, one must have a recipe, which corresponds to strategies for understanding the text we are about to read. 

Second, we need ingredients or skills, which goes into the bread batter.

Third, we put the batter into a pan and bake it in an oven at a given temperature for a specific time.  Similar to students’ backgrounds, pans make the shape of the bread or the level of understanding.  Furthermore, one needs to select books that have the appropriate reading level or instructional level of the student in order for comprehension to take place.  This readability compares to baking temperature.  If the oven is too hot, it will burn.  If the level is too difficult, minimal comprehension will result. 

Finally, the amount of time for the baking corresponds to how well we integrate our teaching among various subject areas.  A student has a broader understanding of the topic if it is integrated into other subject areas.

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